Facebook set to clog your feed with new ‘shoppable video ads’


Not satisfied with the current video ads that clog up your Facebook feed, the company is planning to roll out a new generation of “shoppable video ads” which will start rolling out next month. The new video ad format will allow users to view information about specific products by tapping the video. A second tap will then redirect the user to the advertiser’s website where they will be able to purchase the item.

I know that advertisements are what keep products like Facebook and Twitter free, but they are also the reason why I rely on third-party services instead of the official Facebook and Twitter apps. Giving users an easy way to find information about a product that’s shown in a video is a great opportunity for advertisers, but if the new “shoppable video ads” are a moderate success, advertisers will be throwing their money at Facebook to cram as many video ads into your feed as possible.

Have you already given up on Facebook because of the ads?

Nick Gray
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