Teardown of the Samsung Gear 360 shows you everything that makes up the snazzy 360-degree camera


Although the Samsung Gear 360 hasn’t been made readily available in the US, that hasn’t stopped Samsung from teasing everyone and showing off what the device is capable of. The latest tease is a teardown which shows all the different parts and components that make up the 360-degree camera.


As you can see from the picture above, the Gear 360 is made up of 9 primary components that make this bad boy work to perfection. Here are the components listed out for you:

  1. Case
  2. G1 Lens (Glass 1 Lens)
  3. Front Bracket
  4. Camera Module
  5. Cu Plate
  6. Main Board
  7. Battery Chamber & Battery
  8. Camera Lens
  9. Rear Bracket

Currently, the Gear 360 is not officially available in the US from Samsung directly, but you can go through MobileFun for about $365 to get your hands on it if you’re willing to spend a bit.

[via Samsung]


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