Sunrise calendar will officially shut down on August 31st


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Sunrise Calendar has been one of the best calendar apps since 2014. Early last year, Microsoft acquired the app and the team behind it, but didn’t really change anything. The app still received updates and even a few cool new features. Last October that all changed. Microsoft announced that Sunrise would be merged with the Outlook app and the Sunrise app would be abandoned.

The Sunrise team has announced that the app will soon disappear from Google Play and the servers will shut down. You won’t be able to use the app after August 31st. All of their work will continue to go into the Outlook apps. The Outlook apps are actually pretty nice, but we’ll still miss Sunrise. Microsoft, like Google, is known for buying up apps and shutting them down. Hopefully, Sunrise users have already found a new home.

Did anyone else use Sunrise? Will you be switching over to the Outlook app? What calendar app do you use?

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