This $15 fitness tracker is the Huawei Honor Band A1


When I first saw the price of the Huawei Honor Band A1 I thought maybe there was a typo since fitness bands don’t typically go for $15. Then I thought maybe there was a money conversion issue since it’s currently only selling in China and the price was originally listed in CNY. Nope. The $15 is accurate and illustrates how competitive and powerful Huawei has become.


Whether or not $15 is a worthy price remains to be seen as the old adage “you get what you pay for” could ring true with the Honor Band A1. On the other hand, as we’ve seen with the Honor 5X – a $199 phone which we named the Best Cheap Android Phone – Huawei has a penchant for making ultra affordable yet solid devices.

Some simple Honor Band A1 specs:

  • LED Light for call/text notifications
  • Vibration ability for notifications
  • UV Sensor embedded
  • IP57 Dust and Water resistant
  • Connects to Android via Bluetooth 4.2
  • 70 mAh battery (up to 28 days standby)
  • MicroUSB for charging
  • 20g weight

Apparently the UV Sensor can detect and determine the best sunscreen to use for your environment, which may appeal to some, but we don’t think will be a huge draw.

The Honor Band A1 comes with either silicone or leather straps in variety of colors, but if you’re upgrading to leather, your price doubles to a whopping $30. And by whopping, we mean the equivalent of a few burgers at Burger King.


[Via AF News]

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