May 11th, 2016

With the success of the Amazon Echo, you’d think that Google would have long had a voice-controlled solution of their own by now. Turns out Google has reportedly been working on a voice-controlled assistant and it’s going by the codename “Chrip.” Not much is known about the device, only that it will be supercharged with Google’s Search and voice controls functions, just like we already have on our Android devices.

The the latest rumor lines up with a previous report from The Information who supplied information (heh) on a voice-controlled speaker Google was working on to compete against the Echo. Although sources claim it wont launch until later on in the year, it’s entirely possible we could see more of this new product (in some capacity) at this year’s Google I/O developer conference kicking off next week.

Could Google’s chirp be the first in a line of voice-controlled home automation products? It’s clear developer support will be needed, Google Search is great but limited. If it’s just a speaker with always-listening Google Voice Search, would any of you be interested?


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