Google Calendar update brings tinted status bars and more


Google has released a minor update for its stock Calendar app on Google Play. The update brings the usual bug fixes, but also includes tinted status bars for its users. This creates a more unified experience while using Google Calendar and improves the overall aesthetics of the application.


Also included within the app is some extra fun for those who use Google Apps for Work or Edu. With the update to version 5.5, you can now easily schedule meetings within Google Calendar using the “Find a time” function. This will help make your Calendar a bit easier to navigate and add any new appointments according to your schedule.

Little updates like these aren’t earth-shattering, but it’s great to see Google still committed to improving the small things in its applications, even it’s just small UI tweaks. It’s the little things that count in the end, right? The update hasn’t hit everyone’s devices, but it has already begun rolling out on Google Play, so expect it to make its way to your device within the next few days.

Download on Google Play: Google Calendar


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