YouTube will allow videos to make money under a copyright dispute


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A couple of months ago, the YouTube community was up in arms about copyright claims. Channels were getting hit with bogus claims that would prevent the questioned videos from earning revenue. The system was being abused by people who simply wanted to get videos removed. Many popular creators were vocal about the issue. YouTube was listening.

YouTube has announced changes to the way copyright claims are handled. Revenue generated by a disputed video will now be held in reserve. Once the situation is resolved, the reserved money will be handed out to the appropriate party. So if a video gets hit by a ludicrous claim, that money will still go to the creator, but they will have to wait out the process.

This is a big step is putting some of the power back in the hands of creators. There’s still nothing stopping people and companies from making bogus claims, but at least now the creator can still earn the money that is rightfully theirs. What do you think about this reversal by YouTube? Are they doing the right thing?

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