Rovio launches Angry Birds Action! to coincide with The Angry Birds Movie


Rovio is quite excited for the release of its new Angry Birds animated movie. The company has released another Angry Birds game into the wild, this time tying it directly with the upcoming movie.

As of today, fans of the Angry Birds series can head over to the Google Play Store and download Angry Birds Action! This one ties in the traditional controls of Angry Birds along with pinball and creates a unique experience for gaming on your mobile device.

Angry Birds Action

The premise of the game is such of a traditional pinball game, but instead of having bumpers and a pulley to launch the ball, you’re pulling back on a bird and launching it throughout the maze, trying to collect all of the eggs. In traditional Angry Birds fashion, you only have so many attempts to make it happen before the level is over.

Rovio is also adding in mini-games to Angry Birds Action!, and is providing unlock-able content for those who head out to see The Angry Birds Movie on opening weekend. If you stick around for the end credits of Rovio’s Angry Birds movie, you will be in for quite a treat:

What’s more, by going to see the The Angry Birds Movie in the cinema during the opening weekend and sticking around for the credits, audience members with the game open on their device get treated to more Movie Magic – a whole new area of the game to explore and an additional exclusive movie clip that can’t be seen anywhere else but inside Angry Birds Action! Movie Magic works in the game by detecting an inaudible digital watermark that plays only behind the end credits.

The download is straight ahead.

Download on Google Play: Angry Birds Action!

[via Rovio]


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