Nintendo reveals Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem experiences for mobile


Nintendo’s Miitomo was a nice introduction for the company’s presence on Android and mobile, but it seems they’re about to get even more serious. The company has revealed plans to launch new games and apps based on Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem this fall.

In case you’re not familiar, Animal Crossing is a game where you’re placed into a town full of friendly characters. Your goal is to help keep the place looking good and running smoothly, and doing things to help the residents who inhabit the area. In turn, you get rewarded with currency to buy stuff for your character or your character’s home.

Fire Emblem is a turn-based tactical strategy game. You move units around a map on a turn-by-turn basis to try and defeat the enemy. Fire Emblem is usually revered for its engaging gameplay and its rich story.

Both titles are extremely popular in Nintendo land so it’s nice to see that the company is willing to bring some of their most important franchises to mobile. Unfortunately we still don’t know much about the titles just yet, with Nintendo only mentioning that Fire Emblem will be a lighter take on the usual gameplay, while Animal Crossing sounds like more of a companion app that’ll enhance your gameplay in the 3DS versions of the game.

We’ve put up a couple of trailers for you to check out in case you want an idea of what these games are about, and you can bet we’ll be paying close attention to Nintendo in the months to come.

[via Nintendo]

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