Apr 27th, 2016

Yep. It’s totally gone. Instead of showing the listing for the Nexus 9, the old link just shows everything on the regular Google Store homepage. That’s about it. It’s been about a year and half since the HTC-made Nexus 9 first became available (to lackluster reviews, we might add). We still have ours… somewhere. Likely buried in a drawer somewhere (aka, our device graveyard).

Now would be a good time to introduce a followup tablet, with rumors suggesting that HTC just might. Is this officially the end of the road for the Nexus 9? Not so much. Those looking to still pick up the tablet will have to opt for Amazon, or even buy it direct from HTC. Although Google’s online store is no longer selling the hardware, the Nexus 9 will continue to live on with software support directly from Google.

Rest in peace, Nexus 9. We hardly knew you.

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[Nexus 9 on Google Store (Old Link) | View all tablets]

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