Apr 18th, 2016

If you’re an HTC One M9 owner on the fence about upgrading to the new HTC 10, perhaps this will help sway you: you can save $100 on your order, though not without a catch. That catch is that you must have owned the HTC One M9 for 12 months, and not have claimed a warranty replacement during that time.

This is all part of HTC’s Uh-Oh protection promise. It rewards you for being careful with your device over the years, something you should always be trying to do for a multitude of reasons, such as selling the phone to help pay for a new one.

HTC’s made it easy to see if you’re eligible for the credit. All you’ll have to do is input the required information — including the phone’s serial number — at their website, and they’ll take care of the rest of the heavy lifting. If you want a general idea, the HTC One M9 was made available April 10th, 2015, so if you were on the very early train of device orders you’re likely to be eligible.

[via HTC Source]

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