The CoWatch is the first smartwatch with Amazon Alexa [VIDEO]


The current selection of Android Wear watches not your style? Not digging Android Wear itself? Wel, how about the CoWatch? This little gem just hit IndieGoGo. For all intents and purposes, the hardware on this thing isn’t exactly mind-boggling. It looks good, it’s circular, and it has the moderate suite of silicon needed to power a smartwatch.

cowatch header

It’s the software that this group — which includes some ex-Googlers — want you to be wowed with. The main draw here is Amazon Alexa running on top of their Cronologics OS. This makes it the first wearable device that can access the Amazon Alexa platform.

cowatch alexa

You can use your voice to hail an Uber, play some music, have your email read to you or even control the lights in your home. If it can work with an Amazon Echo, the watch can do it, too.

Despite that, the CoWatch’s biggest downfall is actually the rest of the software. It’s not that it’s bad (we wouldn’t know just yet), but it’s an unproven platform with no third-party developers currently backing it. They’ll have a bundle of their own apps on it to start, and they plan to let developers create apps for it through official APIs, but without any market share it’s going to be very hard for them to draw interest.

Beyond that, this thing deserves some attention. It works with Android 5.0 or higher, has wireless charging and a heart rate sensor, and comes in Ceramic or Stainless Steel finishes. Here’s the full spec sheet:

cowatch specs

Take a look at their IndieGoGo page for your options on getting one. They start at $159, which is 41% cheaper than its retail cost will be. The company says shipments will begin as early as 3 weeks after the campaign ends thanks to the fact that they already have 800 of these things ready to go out the door.

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