Google Play Music will reportedly launch podcast support this Monday, April 18th


Google Play Music Podcasts

We’ve known since late last year that Google was planning on introducing podcast support inside Google Play Music. It’s been a good 6 months since then and after giving podcasters the ability to add their RSS feeds to the service, it seems things could finally launch early next week.

This is according to NPR, who revealed the news in an email mentioning that Google Play Music’s podcast support would be arriving this Monday, April 18th. Here’s what they posted, including the fact that this information was supposed to be emargoed:

“Google will launch podcasts on Android and other platforms next Monday, April 18, inside of Google Play Music, a streaming service similar to Apple Music. Please note: this information is embargoed and should not be shared or promoted externally until Monday. NPR has worked with Google to ensure that public radio is represented in the Google Play environment. Learn more about adding your station’s podcasts to this new platform.”

Of course, nothing is official until it’s actually official, but Monday is only a few more days away. If you’re big on podcast listening — we actually have our own we record every Thursday — get ready to fire up the Play Music for all your favorite podcasting needs.


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