Here are the first 6 photos shot with the Huawei P9’s dual-rear Leica cameras

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The Huawei P9 was unveiled earlier this morning, and the biggest thing Huawei wanted to talk about were 2 Leica-made camera sensors on the rear. We finally found out what those sensors were for: one shoots in full RGB, and the other is specifically for monochrome shots.

So, with such a big name to brand the cameras, you’re probably wondering how the photos look. Huawei teamed up with EyeEM to give 5 photographers a P9 to take the best photos they could. Here are the results:


Our early take? They look… good. Maybe it’s the saturation or contrast on some of these shots, but it all looks just a bit too overstated in some areas, so much so that I’m distracted from some of the finer details. Taking a step back and looking at them from afar reveals a pleasing view, but getting up close and personal with these images might not produce the same feelings.

But they look good. Especially those monochrome shots, and the lack of noise in the night shot of the statue. It appears the photos were edited post-shutter with VSCO, a top photo editing app for Android, as the images were shipped to us with the captions you see above.

We’ll be asking Huawei and EyeEM for more details, and we’ll be updating this post with more shots that were taken in Paris, Marid, Berlin and London. In the meantime, let us know how you’re feeling about these photos in the comments ahead.

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