Huawei P9’s dual rear cameras will be branded by Leica


Huawei’s big announcement for the P9 is almost here. The company will reveal the phone in all its glory in the UK April 6th, but their presentation is likely to be dominated by talk of the device’s dual-rear cameras. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before configuration wise, but Huawei suggests they have an exciting innovation to show off.

huawei p9 leica

While we’re still waiting to see what, exactly, that innovation is, we know that it’s exciting enough to garner the interest of one of the world’s most respected camera brands. The Huawei P9’s dual-rear cameras will be branded by Leica.

Granted, Huawei isn’t the first company to attract big names in camera — Sony did that with their Carl Zeiss-branded smart lens mounts for Android and iOS phones, and Nokia did the same for their 20-megapixel shooter on the Lumia 920 — but it’s always nice to see. Will it live up to the hype that the Leica name alone can generate? That remains to be seen, but you bet we’ll be all ears come April 6th. Swing back to us for all the details once that day arrives.

[via AFP, GSMArena]

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