Apr 1st, 2016

It was late last year we saw Verizon jacking up prices for customers still hanging onto their grandfathered unlimited data plans. The $20 per-line price hike was an attempt at strong-arming unlimited customers into moving to newer tiered plans, but apparently it didn’t hit everyone. To fix that, Verizon is getting ready to launch Phase 2 of their scheme, which should round up those who weren’t hit the November’s price increase.

Verizon unlimited data price increase Phase 2

According to the screenshot we received above, changes go into effect starting May 15th, with the first notices of the increase going out to customers starting today. Although the amount was mentioned in the bulletin we received, Droid-Life confirmed that it’ll be the same $20 per-line increase we saw last year. Verizon echoed their original statement telling them:

“This fee isn’t new – we announced it in November. As you may imagine, it takes time to apply it to all accounts currently on unlimited data plans.”

Once Phase 2 has officially concluded, there’s still 1 more phase scheduled to arrive after that. Exactly what that entails is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope they leave our first born children or the blood of virgins out of it.

Thanks, anon!

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