Add a touch of nature to your Galaxy S7 with these slim WoodBack cases [VIDEO]


There was a time when wood was considered really cool. Every house had a room that looked like this at one point, and you can probably remember seeing a few cars like this on the road. Wood has been coming back in style in the last few years, especially on gadgets. Motorola has offered wood backs for the Moto X series, and companies like Toast make it possible to put wood on any device.

Wood is great, but it usually comes at a price. You’re either paying extra for the built-in back, or spending 30 minutes trying to perfectly align a decal. The #WoodBack case from Cover-Up is a much easier way to add the wooden look to your device. We tested out the thin Snap case and the thicker Explorer case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

galaxy s7 woodback snap

The #WoodBack cases are made from hard polycarbonate and real wood. This combination of materials means you can still have a slim case and enjoy the feel of wood. A case made completely from wood would be thick and bulky. The polycarbonate edges provide a nice grip while the wooden back feels great in the hand. It’s the perfect solution for someone that likes the feel of wood but doesn’t want to apply a decal.

Cover-Up makes two versions of the #WoodBack case. The Snap case is super slim and doesn’t provide any protection for the buttons. The Explorer case is a little more rugged. It covers the buttons and has a nice grippy texture on the sides. Both cases come in a variety of different wood species and designs. You can get anything from Bamboo to Walnut. We really like how these cases look and feel. Wood is good.


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