Mar 21st, 2016

Google Glass Enterprise Edition eBay

We’ve seen enough of the still unofficial “ Google Glass Enterprise Edition” to know it’s a real thing. An updated version of the Google Glass Explorer Edition, this new model is aimed at the business sector, featuring a slightly revised design like an exposed hinge and updated internals.

After it was seen passing through the FCC late last year, it only makes sense that working models are out there. It seems someone wasn’t too impressed with the new hardware, as a San Francisco pawn shop appears to have gotten their hands on a working Google Glass Enterprise Edition, throwing it up for auction on eBay.

Originally listed at $700, bidding has currently hit $8,700 with 4 days still left in the auction. So, yeah — someone out there really wants this thing. You’ll notice the new Enterprise model also features a magnetic charging adapter instead of micro USB like on previous models. We’re still not sure what the pricing of these units is looking like for businesses, but if you have one in your possession, now might be a good time to think about selling.


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