Mar 18th, 2016

LG has officially announced the first known release date for the LG G5. The phone will launch in the company’s home country of South Korea March 31st.

The company has seemingly indicated that the phones’ “friends” (AKA, the modules you can attach to its Magic Slot for extending functionality) won’t be around for another 2 weeks after that, but it’s not that long of a wait.

LG G5 Cam Plus DSC01418

The prices translated to US dollars come out to be around $85 for the Cam Plus grip, while the Hi-Fi audio module comes in at the equivalent of $162. Of course, the prices are sure to be tuned for each market so we’ll have to wait for official word to know how much, exactly, you’ll be paying for these things in the US.

Unfortunately, they didn’t give any official information about the release date for other countries, though recent rumors have suggested other major regions won’t be far behind. For instance, US Cellular is said to be getting the device April 1st, which is just a day older than South Korea’s expectation. We wouldn’t expect other major US carriers to be far behind that (if not launching on the same day).

[via LG]


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