TAG Heuer working on a “real collection” of 6 to 8 smartwatches


TAG Heuer’s first Android Wear watch was an amazing first attempt at true luxury in the space, but they’re not done. LVMH’s head of watches and Jewelry Jean-Claude Biver — who looks over the TAG Heuer brand — revealed some very interesting info about their plans for the future:

“Next year, we’ll have a real collection, a new version with six to eight models.”

TAG Heuer says they underestimated the demand for ultra premium smartwatches, a mistake we can’t blame them for. Asking people to pay $1,400 for technology in a new product category when there are much more affordable options available would seemingly draw the interest of only the most wealthy.

tag heuer android wear watch

The company had to shut down pre-sales of their first Android Wear watch due to their inability to fulfill all the orders, and they worked tirelessly to ramp production up to meet the growing demand. They have plans to sell as much as 50,000 more this year (which is not a small number when it comes to the premium jewelry industry).

Jean-Claude Biver also mentioned that he’d prefer his company to be on the smartwatch train instead of watching it from a distance, especially because he believes the industry could grow to become so big that it could account for as much as 1/3rd or half of their business going forward.

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