Google Search results for the presidential campaign now show donation information


Google is adding some more information to their Knowledge Graph in Google Search when looking up info about the ongoing presidential nomination campaigns. You can now get a look at campaign financials to see who’s getting how much money in donations, and from whom.

campaign finances google search

You can see how much of a campaign’s funds were by a SuperPAC vs an individual, and you’ll even be able to drill down to see how much each candidate has gotten from specific industries. It’s not going to be a one-stop shop for all things campaign research, but it’s a nice starting point or reference for those who care about that stuff.

Also incoming is a feature that will show the most popular trending search terms whenever you go to search about a campaign. It gives a nice idea of what people are looking up so you won’t be lost if you’re just curious about the latest ongoings instead of looking for something specific. The goods should start showing up in your searches today.

[via Google]

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