You can download and flash the Android N Preview for Nexus devices right now (but you should probably wait for the beta later today)


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Excited for Android N’s new features and want to try it out? There are a couple of different routes you can go to getting the goods. The first is the traditional system image that you can flash onto your device. You download them straight from Google

…and follow the instructions here to get going. There are a few things we should note before you get started, though:

  • Google doesn’t recommend users flashing this on their device for typical usage as they don’t see it fit as a daily driver.
  • Flashing this image will wipe the info off your device, so be sure to back important data up before you do it.
  • Flashing any further Android N preview images will also result in data wipes.
  • You will not get automatic OTA updates like you would if you enrolled in the Android N Beta program

That brings us to the next important point: there’s an Android N beta program. And you’ll probably want to wait for it to go live instead of going the manual flashing route.

Enrolling in the beta will get you not only the initial Android N preview in over-the-air update fashion as you would get any standard update, but you’ll also automatically get any other updates scheduled to come down the line that won’t require you to wipe your data every time they’re released, including the one that’ll take you straight to a stable Android N build when it’s finally finished.

Google is supposed to be opening up enrollment at this site at some point today, but the goods haven’t yet gone live as of the time of this writing. Stay tuned to Phandroid, though, as we’ll be taking you through the enrollment process step-by-step once it’s finally ready.

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