Android Distribution numbers once again show slow growth for Marshmallow


android distribution march 2016

Once again, it’s time to look back at Android’s distribution numbers. Last time we reviewed these numbers we saw Android Marshmallow at 1.2% distribution. That number has jumped up slightly to 2.3% for this month. Android KitKat is still the king at 34.3%, and Froyo refuses to die with a mere 0.1%.

Marshmallow has been available for five months. It appears the roll-out for Marshmallow has been slower than previous versions. After a similar period, Android Lollipop was on 5.4% of devices. This could be due to manufacturers dialing back on the number of phones they release, but there are also devices still being launched with Lollipop. For example, a couple of months ago the Honor 5X launched with Lollipop on board.

Many popular Samsung devices are still waiting for the Marshmallow update. Other popular devices like the Motorola DROID Turbo 2 are finally receiving the update. It has been slow-going for Marshmallow, and in a couple of months we’ll be hearing about Android N. How do you feel about recent Android updates?

[via Android Developers]

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