Mar 7th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:26 pm

Welp, this probably isn’t the most scientific camera test you’re ever going to see, but it sure as hell is worth watching. A man from Taiwan was excited to get his new Samsung Galaxy S7, and apparently the camera was of great importance to him as he wasted no time testing out its dual- Pixel autofocus capabilities.

The video above shows you a simultaneous focus test between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and a semi-pro camera in the Canon 70D. The results are fairly impressive in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S7, what with its sensor being significantly smaller than that of a DSLR camera’s, and all. The low-light test was less definitive, but the Galaxy S7 seemingly performed well there, too.

But we already knew how impressive the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera was. The real reason you should be watching these videos is for a bit of comedic relief on a Monday. Nothing like watching a guy wave his phone around like a light saber and show a rather odd fetish for calculators.

s7 test gif

Looking for a more useful test? The video below should give you a better idea of how fast the Galaxy S7 is to focus if the guy in the video above is too distracting.

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