Huawei, Xiaomi and more will use Samsung’s Edge displays in future smartphones


We totally wouldn’t blame Samsung for keeping their Edge display goodness to themselves, but they want to make more money, and there seems to be a pretty sizable list of people interested in buying them. Samsung is reportedly in talks with companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo to supply dual Edge displays for upcoming smartphones.

The dual Edge displays would be identical to what you’d find on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, though OEMs will obviously have to come up with their own software for taking advantage of it. We wouldn’t worry about anything in that regard, of course, as they’re all more than capable of designing and developing unique features for their smartphones.

vivo xplay

Vivo’s upcoming Xplay is said to be the device using the display, and a recently leaked image (above) does seem to show such a thing. The Blackberry PRIV is also said to be rocking one of Samsung’s Edge displays, though it’s more for form and looks than function.

blackberry priv 3

We wouldn’t mind seeing more of these things start seeding into the market, and it’s nice knowing you won’t be forced to get in bed with Samsung just to enjoy a device with a little curve to it.

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