The Samsung Lens Cover allows you to swap out different camera lenses for the Galaxy S7 [VIDEO]


Samsung not only brought their A-game with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but they’re also killing it with accessories. We’ve already shown you the awesome Backpack battery case, Keyboard Cover, and LED flip cover case. Next is a case that allows you to swap out camera lenses. How cool is that?

The Samsung Lens Cover is a case that works with interchangeable camera lenses. It’s a silicone case with a threaded socket over the Galaxy S7’s camera. You can screw in one of two different lenses to dramatically change the view from the camera. You can use a telephoto lens for zooming in and a wide-angle lens for getting much more in frame. The lenses stick out pretty far, but the beauty of the threads is you can simply unscrew the lens when you’re done with it.

samsung galaxy s7 lens cover DSC01540

As you can see in the video above, the lenses work very well. Since they are designed specifically for the Galaxy S7, the experience is seamless. There’s no fiddling with lining up the lens just right. The case makes sure the lens is always in the perfect spot. You can keep the lenses in your pocket or bag and quickly screw one on for the perfect shot.

It’s interesting that LG built a wide-angle lens into the LG G5, but Samsung opted for an accessory. We’ll have to test both implementations to see which one is the best. Samsung did not share pricing or availability information for the lenses and case. Most of the accessories Samsung has announced this week are already on their site, but the lenses are not. What do you think of this idea? Would you be interested in any lenses?


samsung galaxy s7 edge lens cover DSC01538

samsung galaxy s7 lens cover DSC01539

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