LG formally announces touch-enabled Quick Phone Cover for the upcoming LG G5


LG G5 Quick Cover Case 2

Keeping the hype train rolling — after formally announcing the LG G5 will feature some sort of “always-on” display — LG is back with more G5 details. Okay, so it’s not so much about the phone as it is about one of the official cases. The LG Quick Phone Cover for the LG G5 features a tiny window for that always-on display (which LG says is still rumored by the way) and a “semitransparent mesh cover” for touch interaction even while the screen is covered.

LG G5 Quick Cover Case 1

LG says users will be able to take calls (pictured), control alarms, and we’re sure much more all while the cover is closed for the “ultimate convenience.” This is actually something we recently saw introduced on the LG K10’s Quick Cover View, so it’s not terribly surprising the LG G5 would have something similar.

LG was mum on pricing or availability of the cover, but as it stands it’s looking pretty nice. As long as it doesn’t scratch up up the display (like the Galaxy S6 fiasco last year), we’d say they have something great on their hands.

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