Twitter could be getting a GIF button


Twitter seems to be testing an interesting new button in their mobile apps: GIFs! The few people who happened to spot the change noted that the button lets you browse a list of reaction or funny GIFs to use in your Twitter posts.

twitter gif

While not much is known about Twitter’s plans right now, they’ll presumably match services like GroupMe, Kik and Facebook Messenger with the ability to connect third-party apps, so you could eventually be positng GIFs from Giphy’s vast collection.

It’s not been too hard to manually find and post a GIF to now, but having it integrated means it’ll be a lot easier to post GIFs, which should in-turn flavor up a lot more Tweets and make Twitter that much more fun to use. Unfortunately Twitter’s request for a comment wasn’t met with much of a useful response, though their use of the Justin Bieber GIF below in response to questions should make it safe to assume that they’re gearing up to launch this thing at some point down the line.

[via TechCrunch]

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