Give any phone MagSafe-like charging with MuConnect’s latest projet [IndieGoGo]


Remember ZNAPS? This cool little thing turned any phone or tablet that supported microUSB or Lightning into a MagSafe charger. If you don’t know, MagSafe is the standard power connection used for charging Apple’s laptops. It uses magnets for a faster and more secure connection, with utility benefits being the ability to put it on backwards so there’s no fuss about which way to connect it.

muconnect 1

Well, that thing never shipped. It’s been more than half a year since the project was funded on Kickstarter and they’re still waffling around about shipment expectations. If you happened to miss out on that one or are tired of waiting, though, then perhaps MuConnect’s solution comes as a nice alternative for you.

The campaign lives on IndieGoGo with fixed contributions, meaning they’ll only receive money if they’re able to hit their goal of $60,000 (24% of which they’ve raised to this point). To be honest, MuConnect’s option isn’t all that much different or unique compared to ZNAPS:

  • They both can be used for both charging and data sync
  • They both support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • They’re both fully reversible
  • They both support both microUSB and Apple’s Lightning connector
  • And they’ll both eventually support USB Type-C

muconnect 2

The biggest difference comes in price — $12 for MuConnect vs the original $9 price tag for ZNAP — and availability. The ZNAPS still isn’t up for pre-order, so if you missed out on it then this is a perfect chance to get in line for a similar product that looks just as good and seems to work just as effectively. Be sure to pledge your dollars at IndieGoGo if you’re interested, and look forward to an August shipment expectation (though we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of extensive delays with these guys, either).

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