Zagg buys Mophie for $100 million to start a mobile accessory empire



What happens when one popular accessory maker purchases another popular accessory maker? We’re not sure, but hopefully it doesn’t involve a Death Star.

Zagg has just announced that they are purchasing Mophie for $100 million. If you’re unfamiliar with these companies, they both make mobile accessories. Zagg is perhaps best known for screen protectors, but they also make keyboards and cases. Mophie is best known for iPhone battery cases, but in recent years they have branched out to some popular Android devices.

Here’s the PR-speak on the acquisition:

“This strategic combination of two industry innovators with complementary product, brand and distribution platforms will enable us to deliver increased value for our customers and shareholders.”

There’s big money to be had in mobile accessories. Phone makers will occasionally sell their own cases and other accessories, but for the most part it’s a wide open market for dozens of different 3rd-party manufacturers. Zagg is now set to be one of the major players.

[via Engadget]

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