Jan 28th, 2016

Final Fantasy IX 9 title screen Android iOS

It was the last Final Fantasy title to ever launch on the original PlayStation (PS One) and arguably one of the best in the series. For RPG fans that missed out (I, myself, had already transitioned on over to the PS2 at this point), Final Fantasy IX (9) will soon be available on mobile. Square Enix actually revealed the news right before the the turn of the New Year, but it was only accompanied by a short trailer.

Final Fantasy IX 9 Android iOS gameplay battle

Earlier today, they showed off some actual gameplay during the “Square Enix Presents” live stream, playing though the first few minutes of the game. The best part, at least to us, is the higher resolution polys and smoothed out textures. Believe us when we say, the original graphics from the original PlayStation version have not aged well. New additions also include auto-save, high-speed mode, achievements, and the benefits of much quicker load times (as shown in the gameplay video).

Despite the game being complete, still no specific launch date has been given although according to the roughly translated Japanese, “soon future delivery for the iOS / Android!” was provided in the video description. Sounds great to us, but keep in mind that’s the initial Japanese release. Who knows how much longer it will take before this is localized and lands in US app stores like Google Play. Now when can we expect FF 7 and 8?

Fun starts at around the 5:50 mark

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