Jan 26th, 2016

Just as was rumored yesterday, Spotify for Android as received a big update. Spotify Now is the name of the new feature we’re getting. It serves up either video or audio shows (podcasts) so you have a nice diverse list of options for entertainment on your commutes from here on out.

spotify now video

Content from Ellen Degeneres, ABC News, Vice News and Marc Maron’s podcast and more are all on tap for you to enjoy. You can even drill down into specific genres, so if you are only interesting in tech and gaming there’s an entire section of content waiting for you.

spotify now

All of it is part of Spotify Now, the company’s big attempt to be your personal entertainment platform. Spotify Now serves up content based on your time of day, or how you’re feeling, or to the pace of your running. They’ll find stuff perfect for morning commutes like news and podcasts, then shift into stuff you might enjoy while working like your favorite music. Spotify learns what you like over time, too, so the playlists only get better and better the more you use it.

It’s a pretty big move for the company that makes the service a lot more compelling than your typical warehouse of music tracks. It could be a nice way for folks to get introduced to content they might not otherwise like or view. People who don’t know what podcasts are suddenly have their eyes opened to a whole new world.

And although Spotify’s video limb will likely never be able to replace a classic YouTube browsing session, it’s nice to have a full audio/visual experience in the same app. You can grab the updated Android app right now to try it out for yourself if you have a premium Spotify subscription, so be sure to do that and let us know how it’s treating you!

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