Samsung is planning to launch all their apps for iOS


Samsung and Apple are bitter rivals, but even rivals can find ways to make money off each other. For Samsung, that way will be to get as many of their apps onto Apple’s platform as possible, according to SamMobile.

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Samsung is supposedly planning to launch many of their apps on iOS, including Gear Manager, S Health, Smart Camera and Remote Control. These are utility apps that work with various other Samsung products such as smart TVs, smart watches and smart cameras.

The idea is that folks who are affixed to iOS for tablets and smartphones shouldn’t necessarily be shunned out of using Samsung’s other products. Samsung Smart TVs are great, but hard to use with your mobile if you’re an iPhone user. That smart camera that you can pair with your phone to use as a remote viewfinder? Better have an Android phone.

It’s a smart play by Samsung who is following a trend that many other companies are catching on to. Take advantage of your competitor’s bloated userbase to roll in some cash of your own.

Google popularized the trend with all their products: they just want as many people using their stuff as they can no matter which platform they use. HTC is doing the same with the Healthbox and Re lineup. Blackberry had no problem bringing BBS over to Android and iOS.

It’s a win-win for everybody, and unless Apple feels so threatened by Samsung that they wouldn’t allow their apps to enter the Appstore we’d say it’s worth the time and effort to support iOS users any way they can.

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