Jan 19th, 2016

It’s unfortunate, but needing to charge your phone every day is a reality in 2016. The struggle is real, but it’s a first world problem to which we don’t give much thought. Nor do people typically give much thought to where they buy phone chargers when they need a backup, they just buy the cheapest thing they can find online.

This is why you should pay more attention:

When you buy a cheaply manufactured phone charger from an unknown entity, you’re drastically increasing the risk that something goes terribly wrong. Most likely that terrible wrong something will be an electrical fire due to incorrect wattage being delivered, poorly engineered/manufactured components, or non-existent quality control compliance. If you’re lucky you’ll wind up with only your pride damaged and perhaps a cameo on Phandroid.

We’ve seen phones explode, apartments burn to the ground, and repeatedly begged you guys to stop stuffing the cheapest accessories you can find into your Android phones.

Consider this your reminder.

And another thing: you can avoid the need to charge so often altogether by buying one of these phones and following these tips.

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