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150+ Android Tips and Tricks


Google has posted a master list of over 150 tips and tricks in an effort to get folks acclimated to their various products and services. That’s no small list, and it covers a wide range of things going from Gmail and Chrome to Android and YouTube. You can find tips for helping you save time, setting up a new device or how to make your searches more effective.

You can find tips for helping you save time, setting up a new device or how to make your searches more effective. With so many different things in the list there’s bound to be something you didn’t know. Here’s a quick preview of some of our favorites:

Remotely locking and wiping your Android device


This is a nice Android Device Manager feature that most power users know about, but many people are still surprised that this feature is built into Android. It allows you to find your phone over GPS, sound its alarm to help you find it when it’s near, or even remotely lock or wipe the device in the event that you can’t recover it and you don’t want your information getting into the wrong hands.

Access multiple email accounts within Gmail

This feature took a long time to come to Android, but when it did it was a glorious site. You can add many external email accounts to Gmail, including Hotmail, Yahoo and any standard IMAP and Exchange inboxes.

Let your friends connect to your Chromecast

Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Chromecast is always getting better, and one of the great improvements they’ve brought is the ability to let your friends connect to your device without much work. They don’t even have to be on the same WiFi network.

Use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to edit Microsoft Office files

Some people may not know that Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can handle standard Microsoft Office files without much issue. It requires a Chrome extension on the desktop, but it’s also built into the respective Android apps on Google Play. Give it a try.

Use your voice to control your phone


Let’s face it: voice control is always going to be relevant. There are times when you simply can’t take your hands off something, or when voice control makes it quicker to access apps and settings or set reminders. Set up the OK Google command in Google Now and it might change your life.

Of course, that’s only scratching the surface. Google’s list of 154 tips has something for everyone, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it grow over time. Get on over there to check it out yourself. And if you already know all this stuff? Well consider yourself a Google master because this rabbit hole is insanely deep.

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