Jan 14th, 2016

The iPhone has had promo codes forever. I’ve been begging Google to add this feature for nearly as long. And guess what? They’ve finally done it! Developers can now offer promo codes for apps and games in the Google Play Store.

To create a new promo code, visit this link in the Dev Console.

Some interesting notes:

  • Promo codes CANNOT be used on in-app subscriptions
  • Promo codes CAN be used on apps/games and non-subscription in-app purchases
  • Each app/game has a limit of 500 promo codes per quarter
  • 500 promo code limit does not roll over unused codes into following quarter
  • Developers can set an expiration date for their promo codes
  • Promo codes can last up to one year

google play store update 2

For more, visit Android Developer Support.

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[Via AF News]

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