Lenovo: all new Moto devices this year will have fingerprint sensor, 5-inch+ displays



It’s hard to argue the convenience or value in having a smartphone equipped with a quick and accurate fingerprint scanner. It’s quickly become one of our must-have Android features and up until the recently announced Honor 5X, this was a luxury largely reserved for higher-end flagships, not mid-to-low end devices. This year, Lenovo-owned Motorola and their 2016 device portfolio could be looking to change all that.

In a round of interviews coming out of China, Lenovo SVP Chen Xudong provided a little insight as to what we could expect from the new Motorola devices launching this year. According to the translations, Xudong said that all 2016 Moto devices — which we assume will once again include the Moto E, Moto G, and Moto X — will come equipped with fingerprint scanners, something that was largely absent from Motorola devices that were released last year. But that’s not all…

He also went on to say that there wont be a single Moto smartphone with a screen smaller than 5 inches. I guess, it’s time to finally let go of the past and embrace “the big-phone” even for the lower-end Moto E which could a pretty big bump from the 4.5-inches of the current model. No word on other specs or features (although there was something in there about Google Services definitely launching in China this year), but those are already some pretty big clues as to what we can expect from Motorola in 2016. Consider our interest piqued.

[Tech Sina | via GSMArena]


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