Samsung’s 360-degree VR camera could be named Gear 360


Samsung has trademarked a new name for one of their products, and there’s a pretty good guess of what they might be using it for. The trademark is for “Gear 360,” which might sound like a perfect fit for a VR headset except for the fact that they’re already seemingly in love with the Gear VR name.

Instead, our best guess is that this is the commercial name they might look to use for Project Beyond, their virtual reality camera rig that not only lets you record videos in the 360-degree perspective, but also with 3-dimensional depth. It was more than a year ago when we first heard about this thing, and Samsung brought it with them to CES for folks to check out in person.


Of course, that’s just a guess as the trademark application for the name wasn’t too revealing. It could be any number of things for all we know — maybe even another smart watch where the “360” is referring to a round display.

Then again, it could be just as likely that they won’t use the name at all. Let’s not go too deep into the guessing game rabbit hole, though, because it could be hard to climb out. Perhaps we’ll learn more about what this name is being used for by the time Mobile World Congress comes up on the calendar (which goes down February 22nd).

[via SamMobile]

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