World Champion skier almost gets crushed by a falling news drone [VIDEO]

Wondering why the US wants to make everyone accountable for their drone usage? Look no further than a Winter Games skiing event in Italy, where championship skier Marcel Hirscher was nearly smacked by a huge news camera drone (HoverCam, anyone?) falling out of the sky.

The drone reportedly had a very heavy camera on it, evidence of which can be seen by the forceful impact when it crashes into the ground. Imagine if Hirscher would have been standing beneath that thing — it’d be a miracle if he weren’t hospitalized.

There’s no word yet on what caused the drone to crash, but that matters little to Hirscher, who was irate with the news agency and made sure everyone heard his protest that something like this should never happen again. He seemed to be a bit calmer by the time he finished the event as he took to Instagram to joke about the incident.

Even if nothing catastrophic occurred here, the fact that something could have happened is scary, and we wouldn’t blame regulators everywhere if they decided it’s time to take things up a notch and hold drone makers and users to higher standards.

[via Twitter]