Razer offers OUYA owners $50-off the Forge TV controller bundle + $10 in app store credit


Razer Forge TV 50 discount for OUYA owners

The OUYA may be dead and gone, but the heart of the console lives on in the Razer Forge TV. Yesterday we told you guys about the newly rebranded OUYA app store — now officially known as “Cortex” — arriving in a Forge TV system update. In that post, we also told you about the $10 in Cortex store credit being offered just for signing up with the (sort of) new app store.

Today, Razer began sending out emails to former OUYA owners, offering them $50 the Razer Forge TV controller bundle. Normally priced at $150, this gets them the Android TV set top box in addition to the $80 controller (which can be used on other Android devices) all for just $100. Not a bad deal. Of course, this is all in addition to that $10 Cortex credit we told you about earlier.

To get the deal, you’ll need to wait around for Razer to send you an email. Inside you’ll find a promo code to nab the discount. Hey, it’s arguably better than blowing the money on a Roku.

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