SwiftKey Beta adds support for new emoji in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


SwiftKey 60 update

Among bug fixes and a few other things, Android 6.0.1 — which only started rolling out to Nexus devices only a few short days ago — finally brought support for the new Unicode 8.0 emoji. You know, those little smileys and various other tiny icons the kids are always going on about. While it’s great that they’re finally supported on an OS level, it’s now up to Android developers to implement them into their keyboard applications.

Rising to the challenge is SwiftKey who, as a part of their latest beta release, is now adding support for the all the new emoji in Android 6.01. Of course, you’ll need to have a device running the latest Android version which is sort of exclusive to Nexus devices at the present moment.

You can either download the SwiftKey Beta in the Google Play Store where it’s completely free, or you can wait for the update to eventually trickle down the regular stable version. We don’t imagine that will take too much longer. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: SwiftKey Beta


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