Google might ask you to name Android N; give us your early ideas! [POLL]


Speaking at a tech talk in India this past week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the next version of Android. No, he didn’t have anything to say in the way of confirmed features, but he did touch on what the name could be and how they may ago about choosing it.

Pichai teased that Google may hold an online poll to decide Android N’s name, and buttered the Indian tech crowd up by saying he thinks they have enough people to get an Indian dessert in the spotlight. He may not have been totally serious about his assertion, but it would be very cool for Google to let the fans name the next version of Android instead of doing all the heavy lifting themselves.

Dessert ideas

So, in the event that the poll comes to fruition, we thought it’d be a good idea to start gathering some ideas. Here are just a few of the N-named desserts we wouldn’t mind seeing.

Android Nerds

wonka nerds

Tiny sweet and sour candies, and a name that’s somehow more perfect than any Android version before it (but might be slightly offensive for some).

Android Nougat


The basis for many popular candy bars, nougat is a concoction of sugars, sweets and other complementing tastes (like nuts or wafers).

Android Nut Roll


A sweet dough that is topped with a nut paste.

Android Nutella


A chocolate + hazel spread from Italy. Popular alone, on toasts and pastries or other interesting uses.

Android Nestle Crunch


One of the most awesome and most popular candy bars ever made.

Android Napolean


A French pastry with cream. Yummy.

Android Noodle Pudding

noodle pudding

Noodle pudding doesn’t sound all that good at first, but this Indian treat has thin noodles swimming in a sea of milk and vanilla, topped with raisins and nuts.

Android Neenish Tart


An Australian tart filled with cream and topped with sweet frosting.

Android Nonnevot


A doughnut originating from Limburg. Its name can be loosely translated to “nun’s butt,” which isn’t exactly flattering but describes the knot in the back of a nun’s tunic (which the doughnut is shaped like) quite effectively.

Android Nanaimo bar

nanaimo bar

A wafer bar with a cream topping and chocolate exterior.


One thing we learned when putting this quick list together: there aren’t a whole lot of desserts which start with the letter N. Which one of these would you want to see? Vote in the poll below (use “other” for desserts not listed) and leave a comment below if you want to explain your choice and dessert!

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