A year in search: Here are the most searched topics in 2015 [VIDEO]


Google has put together their annual year-in-review dubbed A Year in Search. It’s a look back on 2015 and all the most searched topics from around the world. So, what set the world abuzz this year?

As you might guess, the number 1 topic around the world this year were the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Many folks likely took to Google to figure out what was going on after reading or hearing about the attacks elsewhere (like yours truly not knowing anything about it until seeing a bunch of Paris-themed avatars on Facebook). Whether you were seeking information, answers or some sort of comfort in the midst of all the craziness, Google was most folks’ path to get what they needed.

google 2015 year in search

For entertainment, you’d think the upcoming Star Wars film would have driven the most searches, but its 155 million queries were trumped by the 87th Academy Awards’ 406 million. Sports remained a highly topic, too, with Rugby and Cricket tournaments drawing 246 million and 323 million queries, respectively.

Want a closer look? Be sure to watch the video summary above, or head off to Google’s website to get an in-depth (either global or by region) look of your own.

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