Dec 16th, 2015

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We’ve still got a few more days left before we close out the year and in just before the buzzer is the latest from DotGears. This, you may remember, is the small game studio headed by Dong Nguyen, the guy famous for making millions the rage inducing smash hit, Flappy Birds… then subsequently pulling it from app stores.

Swing Copters 2 screen shots

It’s not the Flappy Birds sequel we were hoping for, but hitting the Google Play Store today (despite the official launch being more than 6 hours away) is a follow up to last year’s Swing Copters, the aptly titled Swing Copters 2. A sort of vertical variant of Flappy Birds, the same frustrating gameplay remains intact only now there are various “pilots” you can unlock in-game. Each pilot comes with it’s own set of attributes, so if you really want to advance further in the game, you’ll want to see who is best suited for your type of play.

Like the rest of DotGears’ bit-sized arcade titles, Swing Copters 2 is still very kid-friendly, but with difficulty cranked to expert. Think of their games as a lesson in patience and perhaps you’ll get far. You can find Swing Copters 2 free to download in the Google Play Store right now.

swing copters 2 spinki-falling

Download on Google Play: Swing Copters 2


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