Rumor: The 2016 Nexus will be made by Huawei, come with a Snapdragon 820



The Huawei-made Nexus 6P has only been available for a few months, but that hasn’t stopped rumors about the next Nexus from popping up. According to a Chinese electronics analyst, Huawei is among a list of manufacturers that will be using the Snapdragon 820 next year. The rumor goes on to suggest that Huawei’s device will be the Nexus for 2016.

This is one of those rumors that is basically common sense. It’s only logical that the Snapdragon 820 will be the processor of choice by the time a new Nexus is announced. Google has been known to stick with Nexus makers for multiple devices, and since the 6P has been such a huge hit, it’s not a big leap to expect them to go with Huawei again.

There is still a lot of time before we start hearing more substantial Nexus rumors. Until then, enjoy your Nexus 6P. It’s still very new.

[via gsmarena]

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