Verizon’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receiving Advanced Calling 2.0 with WiFi Calling software update tomorrow


WiFi Calling just sounds like one of those perks all carriers would offer by now, regardless of their coverage. Back in October, Verizon petitioned the FCC to approve WiFi Calling on their network the same way they did for AT&T. Here we are, barely a month later and it seems Big Red has finally received the green light.

Announced online, Verizon will be packaging WiFi Calling inside Advanced Calling 2.0 and unlike AT&T, who initially only gave the iPhone access to the much coveted feature, Verizon will debut the feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The update is set to roll out in phases starting tomorrow December 8th and although these were the only devices receiving this treatment, promises updates for additional devices (including iOS) will roll out early next year.

Aside from being able to place calls inside of Bomb Bunkers or basements (as long as you have access to WiFi), WiFi callers will be able to place free calls to anyone in the US. If traveling outside of a WiFi coverage area while on a WiFi Call, it’ll seamlessly be handed over to Verizon’s cellular network and vice versa — no dropped calls.

Samsung has already posted the necessary support docs the update, which will hit the regular Galaxy S6 as G920VVRU4BOK7 and the S6 Edge as G925VVRU4BOK7. The update also includes the usual bug fixes and mentions something about a wireless charging fix.

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