T-Mobile is offering Sprint customers $200 per person to switch to their network


Sprint’s big offer to slash your rate plans in half when switching from any major carrier wasn’t going to go unanswered by T-Mobile. Magenta has stricken back with an offer of their own: switch from Sprint’s network to T-Mobile and get $200. No strings, no questions, and — most importantly — no trade-ins.

This also applies for multiple lines, so 4 people will mean $800 in savings.T-Mobile is also still offering to pay the fees associated with leaving the carrier, up to $650 for device payments or early termination fees on contracts. The promotion begins Thursday, November 26th.


T-Mobile and Sprint have been going at it to see who can woo the consumers more. The former has done so in the way of big Uncarrier moves, like making music and video data being absolutely free. Sprint, on the other hand, incentivizes switching using free cash offers and reduced rate plans. Their plan was enough to help them gain a substantial amount of new customers last quarter, but that aggression didn’t come without a hefty price tag as the company is bleeding tons of money.

T-Mobile also won’t back down on their marketing, it seems — they went as far as calling Sprint the slowest and worst network available:

Un-carrier extends its month of holiday gift-giving to beleaguered Sprint customers, stuck on the nation’s slowest and smallest 4G LTE network, with an extra $200 for each and every line they bring to T-Mobile… no trade-in required

It wasn’t too long ago the same could have been said for T-Mobile, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint decides to fire back with some ether of their own.

This is the wireless industry today, folks. Spit fire at the competition, offer insane deals and appear cool to the common consumer. Competition breeds great things and we’re all better off for it.

[via T-Mobile]

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