Samsung Gear S2 gets a big software update, here’s what’s new



It’s been almost a good 2 months since the Samsung Gear S2 officially launched here in the US. Today, the smartwatch is getting its first big software update. Well, the Korean version anyway. Although an official changelog wasn’t posted, XDA member “supersoulfly” was able to detail some of the new changes you should expect to see when the update — build number R732XXU2BOKF — arrives for your model. Here’s some of what’s new.

Samsung Gear S2 changelog

  • ‘Add Widgets’ label: There’s a new ‘Add Widget’s label under the plus symbol, which makes the action easier to understand.
  • Auto Open Apps: When you activate this new option, apps open automatically once you stop rotating the bezel on an icon.
  • Vibrate When Disconnected: Under the connection settings, you can use this option so that the watch vibrates as soon as it gets disconnected with your smartphone.
  • Screen timeout options: 15 secs, 30 secs, 1 min, or 5 minutes.
  • New apps: World clock, Starbucks, a navigation app (for South Korean), and Flipboard News Briefing app.
  • New watchfaces: Nothing new, but the same watchfaces that were showcased during the device announcement.
  • Notification Indicator: There’s a little orange circle that acts as a notification indicator. It appears only when notifications aren’t set to wake up the screen.
  • Larger Notification Text: When you double tap on a notification, the text grows bigger so you can easily read the information. Also, when you swipe up from a notification to dismiss it, a trash can symbol appears.
  • Notification Reply: A smiley symbol has been replaced with a simple and more traditional icon.
  • Watch Face Template: When you scroll right from the watchface menu, you can use the ‘Add Template’ option to customise the watchface and save it as a template.

Compatible with any Android device (4.4+), the Samsung Gear S2 is yet another solid entry in the world of smartwatches. Although it doesn’t actually run Android (unlike most smartwatches these days), the watch features a good amount of apps and a unique rotating bezel to control some of the UI elements onscreen. The Gear S2 comes in 2 models — both standard with more modern styling, and classic for more traditional tastes. You’ll find the Samsung Gear S2 on sale right now at Best Buy for $250 ($50-off) and Amazon. Links provided below.

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Buy the Samsung Gear S2 Classic: Best Buy | Amazon

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