Samsung reportedly looking to bring fingerprint sensors (and Samsung Pay) to budget devices


Fingerprint sensors are the must-have security feature right now on mobile devices. Aside from securing your lock screen, you can use them to make purchase in app stores or even real world goods using Tap-to-Pay. The only problem is that while undoubtedly convenient, for the most part they’re only found on high-end devices. Even taking a look at devices like the HTC One A9, while mid-range, will still run you around $500 unlocked. Pretty pricey.

As technology moves forward, OEMs like Samsung are getting ready to add further value to their budget lineups. According to the Korea Herald, Samsung could be looking to introduce new lower-end handsets with fingerprint sensors in a bid to further the growth of Samsung Pay. Of course, these “sources” wouldn’t comment on release timing or which devices would come with the new feature, but as Samsung Pay struggles to gain footing in the competitive world of mobile payments, this could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

We have little doubt that a few of these affordable, fingerprint reading devices will eventually make their way stateside, Samsung will likely be targeting emerging markets such as Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Turkey. With CES around the corner and Mobile World Congress soon after that, it wont be too much longer before we see what Samsung has in store.


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