Download: Google Camera 3.1 with new UI and features for Marshmallow devices


Google Camera update 3.1

We got our first look at the new and improved Google Camera app when it launched on the Nexus 6P and 5X. After a brief moment of exclusivity, it seems Google is finally ready to bring the updated UI to all Android 6.0+ devices with a new update rolling out today in the Play Store.

Aside from a new UI, Google Camera 3.1 brings swiping gestures to quickly switch between still photos and video functions, and for last year’s Nexus 6, Auto HDR+ (even with the flash activated). In fact, you’ll notice the app seems to be all around better performing on the Nexus 6, eliminating the horrible lag when opening the app or switching between HDR+ modes. Tapping the screen while in video mode also no longer takes a photo, instead causing the camera to force focus on the area where you touched.

Although the disabling SmartBurst on the Nexus 6P now allows the phone to take any number of burst photos (no longer capped at 8), neither the Nexus 6 or 5 gain any sort of SmartBurst functionality. Also, don’t bother looking forward to any sort of slow motion features — they’re not in here either. I know, it’s sort of a bummer but perhaps other devices will see this functionality hardware willing.

Still, the few improvements the update does brings, it’s worthwhile to update. You can find the update hitting the Google Play Store in the coming hours/days/weeks or you can download it via APKMirror using the links below. Cheers.

Download Google Camera 3.1: ARM 64 (Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, etc.) | ARM (Nexus 6, 5, etc.)

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